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Cheryl Gilroy

Director :  People Dynamics Australia 
Winner of Ericcson Business of the Year Award

Professional info


Cheryl is a dynamic and progressive facilitator, mediator and trainer. Her strengths and area of love lie in developing learning cultures, conflict management, and influencing change.  Cheryl's Masters Thesis was on the creation of learning cultures and the utilisation of the human brain. She has worked extensively with the public and private sectors within Australia, the US, the middle east ( Saudi Arabia) and Europe on optimising peoples' performance and presenting them with tailored in-house development programs. She has facilitated many organisational change programs, strategic retreats and numerous problem-solving activities.  She is currently a doctoral candidate researching bullying in the Australian workplace.

Some of the organisations Cheryl has worked with are;


Australian Institute of Sport (Elite Athletes Program)​
• Australian College of Midwives​
• Australian Federal Police​
• Ericsson GRC Australia, US and Europe​
• American Institute of Neuro Semantics​
• Telstra​
• Creeda Business Centres​
• Australian Broadcasting Authority​
• Australian Fisheries Management Authority​
• Australian National University​
• National Investigation Training Centre​
• Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)​
• Air Services Australia
• AusAid​
• ACT Government
• New Zealand Department of Labor​
• Planning and Land Management​
• Civil Aviation Safety Authority

  • Zurich



Cheryl Gilroy is a 
bundle of energy who manages to share this in promoting healthy relationships between individuals,and cooperative and creative teams. Her dynamism and strong leadership makes working with her not only professionally rewarding but personally pleasurable.

Dr Maxine Cooper
Executive Director
Environment ACT

Cheryl was involved in several activities with the police college, including the facilitation of new and unique change management programs, as well as developing higher level investigator leadership competencies.  Cheryl's ability to easily develop a rapport with people, her intuitive capacity to identify critical issues within the workplace, and her willingness to assist others to learn was outstanding.  At a personal level, I valued her counsel and advice on a number of reforms to training products and delivery methodology.
Michael Beattie
Assistant Commissioner
Australian Federal Police

Cheryl has worked in our Elite Athlete education program for the past three years. She makes a significant contribution to our athletes in running her "whole brain" programs. Cheryl is immensely popular with the athletes and coaches alike with her unique, positive and fun approach to learning. In evaluating her programs effectiveness, her programs have consistently ranked in the top three.
Jenny Everson
Athlete Career and Education program
Australian Institute of Sport

As my coach, Cheryl has helped me make significant leaps in many aspects of my job and my life in recent months.  She is unfailingly positive and supportive, but also rigorously honest and always challenging in her feedback.  She is always available to listen and suggest, and I cannotimagine a more effective coaching style for me.  I strongly recommend Cheryl to anyone who is ready to take the great leap forward.
Fran Stevens
Director Environment ACT
ACT Government

I recently participated in a leadership development program presented by Cheryl.  The program was a fabulous experience in seeing how powerfully people can operate together when we have a common focus.  The  series of workshops were more fun and more moving, while less confrontational, than I had expected.  I'd highly recommend Cheryl's work to people at all levels as she has a remarkable talent for relating to people wherever they're at.
Alison Ainsworth
Senior Manager ACT Government

I have been using People Dynamics to conduct leadership development for over six years for my senior leadership team. I wouldn't consider using anyone else.
Brett Swale
ACT Road User Services

Cheryl was asked to facilitate a team- building retreat which was loaded with conflict and various unhealthy “people" situations. As a facilitator, Cheryl helped us to understand the different dynamics of our team and the benefits different people play in the success of the team. As a facilitator, Cheryl kept the retreat interesting, fun, busy, and most importantly, we got the results we were looking for. Cheryl and People Dynamics are thoroughly recommended as trainers and facilitators.
Sally McNickle
Sun Alliance


Academic Qualifications

BA Human Resource Development/ (major psychology)

Grad Dip Psychology

Master of Applied Science Social   Ecology (Social Psychology)

Accredited Mediator 

Accredited Values facilitator

Doctoral Candidate  DBA (current)







2010 - present

2010 - present

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