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​Facilitators Mediators Coaches Trainers

What  do 




How do you lead a group of people through a process to arrive at a solution acceptable to everyone?
​Use a professional facilitator for:


​​Building better workplace relationships.​

Resolving conflicts​.

Facilitating agreements.​

Tapping talent.

Building team commitment. ​

Turning ideas into actions.

Enhancing employee performance​​.

Improving individual and team productivity​​​​.


"Give a man a fish
feed him for a day
teach him

how to fish


 feed him for a


What do
Mediators and and
Conflict Coaches do?
What are the advantages of conflict coaching and mediation?

Efficient - The mediation process can usually settle a dispute within a few sessions. Most mediations conclude within thirty days from initiating the process.
Effective - Mediation statistically settles over 85% of initiated disputes. People Dynamics last year settled 92% through mediation and conflict coaching.
Safe- The process of mediation is flexible and informal.
Affordable - Mediation is both cost and time effective.
Confidential - Information disclosed during mediation is confidential.

Unmanaged conflict is the

largest reducible cost


organisations today,

and the least recognised."

- Dan Dana 





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